Furnace Services in Tipp City, OH

Most homeowners rely on their furnaces in Tipp City, Miami County, Dayton, Troy, and Vandalia, OH for half the year or more. It only makes sense that this crucial home installation will need routine maintenance and occasional repairs over time! When the need for either arises, M & S Heating Service Co. Inc. is ready to help. We’re furnace repair experts, providing a complete range of services to your unit, no matter the season.

  • Furnace Repair Services

    Are there strange noises coming from your furnace each time it cycles on? Problems with the temperature of the air being blown into your home? Failure of your unit to cycle on at all? Furnace problems can vary greatly, which is why it pays to have an expert checking out your furnace when issues arise.

    At M & S Heating Service Co. Inc., we leave no stone unturned when it comes to fixing furnace problems—whether it’s electrical or mechanical in nature. Our heating repair techs have experience working with most major brands, solving just about any problems that may be hindering the operation or efficiency of your system. We’re ready to provide you with reliable, lasting furnace repair in Tipp City, OH. Contact us anytime!

  • Routine Maintenance

    Furnace maintenance is a simple way to keep this crucial home amenity working properly. You might be able to change your own filters, but there’s a whole lot more to routine maintenance! Let our team help you stay up to date. We perform flame sensor cleanings, blower motor lubrication, pilot light service and more—everything it takes to keep your unit running right.

    In addition to routine furnace maintenance and boiler service, we can also deliver seasonal tune-ups. This includes fall service to prep your unit for daily winter use, as well as spring service to prepare your furnace for the summer.

Call the Furnace Repair Experts

M & S Heating Service Co. Inc. takes great pride in providing solutions for your furnace, whether you need maintenance, repairs or something else. Contact us today at 937-222-9691 to make sure your unit is running efficiently. Our heating services cover furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and more.

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